Amelie- Celebration of Individuality to its Core.

“I Like looking back at people’s faces in the dark”. -Amelie.

In the ongoing era of Covid 19 any moviebuff can relate to this moment where they misses the most authentic experiences of being aesthetically enjoying every possible nuances of an art form. Since childhood  it was one of  the most enthusiastic hobbies of mine, it was to enjoy most humane expressions through humans amidst humans where life is alive(theatre).

Wandering through Amelie’s life gave me a lot of principles in life… one is supposed to enjoy the little things in life and should be kind to everyone around as each individual has a different story to tell.

Though told in French, it has the ability to touch each individual as the movie itself is the amalgamation of humanity and individualism showcased through a person.

Audire Tauto’s performance was like an icing on the cake that added to the movie’s charisma.
Technically,  a well crafted Fantasy Movie with oscar award winning cinematography and the light background music which will continue to steal your heart even when the movie ends.

Nb : Movie is available on Netflix, Telegram.
Dm For Telegram Link.

Review by Sooraj Krishnan.

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