On the memory lane…

I still used to remember that day, the day on which I created a great commotion and mischief in my home. All this Ruckus was made so as to go to school in an autorickshaw.

My favourite Arumughetten’s Auto rickshaw..this incident occured when i was in my first standard at Panat Lp school.
My school was  located near my home where my mother worked as  a teacher(Teacheramma). And until my first standard(Lkg Nd Ukg) i used to go to this “IDDS” school by autorickshaw..
“Nik autirikshel anne ponam”..(I wanna go in auto only)
Just a simple wish.But with one call achan(dad) made it happen.

After so many years, the most memorable memory i could cherish was this ride in arumughetten’s auto by listening to his funny jokes..childhood was always blessed with these small nuances and doggedness.
But when i heard one of my dad’s experience during his childhood from my muthassi(Grandma)… i came to know how vibrant were his childhood.

She tightly held me in her hands and fondled me with her loving strokes..her rheumy eyes started to talk about a vibrant story, the story intertwined and interlinked within my own experience.
dad was same as lazy as me.. he remain obstinate so as to not  to go to school…at his first school day
he was more stubborn than me and  never obeyed muthaasaan nd muthassi’s request.
Both my Muthasaan nd Muthassi (Grandparents) bowed their heads at his determination.
“Ee kutteene kondu thottu ,eeshwaraa”….(oh God, we quit).

Suddenly A tall man came as an angel to them, It was “Karumbu Nair” he was stout and strongly build… he holded my little father and said.. “Babu, do u wish to have a ride on an elephant..?
My father was so happy by hearing that and out of curiosity he searched around the home and wasn’t able to find any trace of elephant ..
Where is the elephant??..

Karumbu nair by showing his whole yellow teeth laughed out  loudly, shaking his whole body
and replied : ” Iam the elephant”..
” I will lead you to school..”
Like a tall elephant “Karumbu Nair”  bowed his head
and lifted my little father and placed him on his shoulders.
Like a real elephant he walked slowly..he used to narrate the village paths and fields to my little father..he got an aerial vision of those lushy green fields, rivers, trees, etc..
When i asked about this incident to my father..he laughed and said 
…. “I never bunked any classes, due to this royal ride kutta…”

And now while writing this story and i was astonished by the fact of how beautiful were their childhood with this intricacies ….
Written By Sooraj Krishnan.

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