Beep Beep Memmories..

Like all the other day..I wanna make a call myself to achan without seeking help from Amma.

This was my daily soon as Achan(father) goes to office and Amma leaves to school.. i found some interesting hobbies to get away from my was  terrible to resist the urge to call achan through telephone.(Which was  a restricted thing only used and protected by Muthassan..not meant for children )Defeating my age, as a 5 year old child, i was perfect to handle the telephone(just “90’s kids thing”)i know that the new born babies today are capable of handling multiple social networks at this age…but still  i byhearted the office number of Achan.
0483-2756580 Manjery district court land line.

Blinking one eye..and making myself comfortable to feel that the situation is safe for making a call.
Dialled the number rapidly..i listened  to those 3 beeps..after a couple of rings…
As i expected, a meek voice welcomed me..

“Hello..District Legal service authority”
Who is this?..
I wasnt worried about the answer..was well prepared for saying that..( i had byhearted this dialogue too from observing Amma )
” Hello, Hariyetta..can i get Suresh Babu sir on line(Father’s Name)..?
Harietten was wondered by listening to my childish voice , Harietten replied in very soft and friendly tone…

” Is this Babuetten’s son speaking”..
I laughed..”yes im Babuetten’s son” ..just like others used to introduce me.
He gave the phone to Achan.

As always achan talked to me in that melodious tone
“Endhaa kuttaa??..(Whats up dear)
Me : Achaa..inn varumbam bat kondoruoo..plz..(Can u get me the bat today..?)
“Britania’s  Bat” i specified.( i was a great fan of the great wall of india..Rahul Dravid ji).Achan: Oh yes. i promised right.
Me:. Okay, acha.
After a small pause..”Achaa..”?
Achan: Yes kutta..
Me: hmm..Achaa can you come fast little early today?
Achan: achan will reach at night kutta.
Me: (after thinking for a second)..”Acha, can you come through this phone? your voice has reached from manjery to home.
Please achaa..i feel so lonely here.

Achan by hearing that dialogue in my innocent tone..replied ” Kutta , just hold the phone close to your ears and shut your eyes, achan will be there.
I havent realized that the telephone line
was disconnected …

‘Tee – tee- tee”.. in that second that beep voice has given me alot of visuals about the arrival of my lovely father with my favourite Britania Bat.

Everyone one may have such nostalgic stories..where you will get a train of memmories through those beep tones..
(Tele phone stories..)

Written by  Sooraj Krishnan.

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